I’?ve tossed around this whole blogging idea for quite a while. I love the technology and the whole concept, but to be honest I had a hard time deciding how I could actually pen a blog without it being a duplication of our Emerging Horizons magazine. Then today as I was putting together a feature article on Cambria, it all hit me.

Emerging Horizons is a magazine about accessible travel. Although we do have a bit of an attitude in a few columns (Gems & Germs and the Editor’s Desk for example) for the most part we carry detailed access information about destinations around the world. Of course I like to think they are presented in a creative yet lively format, but that’s another issue. The point is we are information-centered.

Well, as I was writing my feature on Cambria one particular incident kept coming to mind. It was a personal encounter I witnessed and although I didn’t include the incident in the article. I did include some tips so people wouldn’t end up in the same situation. And then it hit me, the blog – make that MY blog – is the perfect medium for incidents, encounters and my thoughts about accessible travel. So it will be. As for the Cambria incident, it will be covered in my next installment.