2 Pee Or Not 2 Pee?


I always get the most interesting e-mail.

Yesterday, Rolling Rains blogger and staunch universal design advocate, Scott Rains dropped me a note and introduced me to Free 2 Pee. Yes, you read that right. It was not a typo. This from the same man who also turned me on to “Beans Around The World”; but that’s a whole other story.

Back to Free 2 Pee.

It gets even punnier, because when you surf on over to www.free2pee.org.uk you are greeted by a banner that proudly declares their mission: Lifting the lid on bad access.

OK, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’d like to give some serious kudos to Free 2 Pee creators Kate McGinlay and Andrew Crooks.

First a little background.

Last October the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) went into full effect, which undoubtabley caught some business owners off guard. Free 2 Pee was created to fill the void.

Free 2 Pee encouraged businesses to make the required DDA access modifications to their pubs and venues. To that end they printed and distributed Free 2 Pee campaign materials and listed case studies, Q&As and the DDA rules and regulations on their useful website. They also appealed to the pocketbooks of business owners and posted articles about the buying power of people with disabilities. And finally they included helpful tips on attitudes and access issues.

Then they invited patrons to complete a short access survey on their favorite pubs. The goal was to find out who excels in access and who falls short. The surveys were all to be completed after the DDA implementation date and according to the website, the results will be posted sometime in the near future. In a sense Free 2 Pee created a Gems & Germs (a term Emerging Horizons readers are very familiar with) of UK pubs.

So again, kudos to Kate and Andrew for their all their hard work; and for encouraging access in the UK, one flush at a time.

OK, now I’ve really got it out of my system!