Good-bye Old Friend


I’m not sure how I feel about Hunter’s death. I guess it’s sort of a numb feeling. I’m not sure what I should do.

Hunter loved wakes. To be honest he didn’t even have to know the deceased — he just loved wakes. So in his honor I raised a glass or two. He would have liked that

I also blew off work today and went out and did some gardening. He would have liked that too. No, not the gardening, but definitely the “blowing off work” part.

Hunter taught me a lot. He taught me the importance of the three-word sentence. And he made me really understand that people listen more carefully when you whisper, as opposed to when you shout. OK, that is not something he practiced a lot, but he did clue me in on the concept.

And then there were just Hunter-isms that defy any explanation in print. Suffice it to say, you just had to be there. I will miss him.

But I do think Emerging Horizons is very Hunter-ish. I think he would approve. OK, he would ask a whole lot of inappropriate questions, but in the end he would just say, “cool”:.

I do miss Hunter. I wish he was not gone. He could have contributed a lot more to this world. But in the end, it was his choice. Still I will miss him.

Rest in peace dear friend.