Access Board Extends Deadline


If you think the Access Board’s draft guidelines for passenger vessels are cumbersome, you’re not alone. Due to popular demand the public comment period has been extended to July 28, 2005. The reason? Well after a January 10 public hearing in Washington DC, a number of commenters requested extra time to sort through the detailed guidelines in order to provide in-depth feedback.

So, if you wanted to comment, but just didn’t get around to it, you still have plenty of time.

The Access Board also announced they would hold two additional public hearings on the issue, so you may have an opportunity to address your concerns to the Access Board in person. Dates and times of the hearings will be announced shortly and posted here as soon as they are available.

For details on the draft guidelines, instructions on how to comment and my own public comments on the guidelines, read my blog entries listed below.

And don’t forget to make your own comments on the draft guidelines.