Amazingly Rude!!


OK, I admit, I’m hooked on the Amazing Race. I don’t know how it happened. At first I was just a casual viewer, but then it slowly sucked me in. Soon, I knew the names of team members. Now after the latest episode, I clearly have my favorites. At one point I was even cheering for them.

I know it’s only a television show, but after the latest episode I feel it’s a bit more. It’s almost like a study in human nature. And I’m truly appalled at how rude and immature two of the teams are. You would have thought that traveling around the world would have forced them to grow up. Apparently not.

Of course I’m talking about Rob, Amber, Ron and Kelly who I’ve not-so-affectionately nicknamed the infantile-4 (I-4 for short).

How’d they earn this moniker? By showing very little respect, and in some cases being downright rude to the other team members, namely Uchenna, Joyce, Meredith and Gretchen.

For example, while waiting for a flight to Istanbul Rob started off with, “Uchenna and Joyce, they don’t know who to turn to. They’re asking Meredith and Gretchen for advice now. It’s like the blind leading the blind.”

Kelly agreed and chimed in with, “Uchenna’s a leech for information.”

Rob responded with, “They just coasted the whole game. They’re stupid.”

The irony of it all was that Uchenna, Joyce, Meridith, and Gretchen had the smarts and the wherewithal to find an earlier flight (something Rob failed to do). While Rob and the rest of the I-4 were making those insensitive comments, the other teams were already winging their way to Istanbul, with a full two hour lead. In the end Rob and Amber finished in third place, while Ron and Kelley finished dead last.

Serves them right!

To be honest, I’m pretty tired of Rob and Amber’s ethnocentric attitudes. They seem to look down on the places they visit and use people at every available opportunity. And I’m equally tired of Ron and Kelly arguing with one another. He doesn’t want to get married (at least to Kelly) and she needs to just get over it.

The I-4 needs to learn about respect — respect for your partner and respect for your elders. It’s the cornerstone of every relationship.