The Right Attitude


I?m staying at the newly opened Inn of the Mountain Gods in the Lincoln National Forest in Southern New Mexico. In fact, this weekend is their grand opening. It?s quite a property, and it?s very peaceful, relaxing and accessible.

And after reading the following excerpt from their Guest Services Directory, these folks also get an A+ in the attitude department.

?Our resort is committed to providing accessible facilities for travelers with disabilities. If you encounter barriers during your stay, please contact the Manager on Duty. If in the future you require an accessible room, you can assist us in meeting your needs by making advance reservations and requesting an accessible room and letting the agent know your individual needs.?

Additionally, when I inquired at the front desk about the number of accessible rooms, Isabelle was able to pull that number off the top of head. And the number of accessible rooms with roll-in showers? Again, no problem for Isabelle. She didn?t even have to look it up.

Since this is not the norm at most properties, I made some comment to Isabelle about how impressed I was with her access knowledge. She calmly replied, ?They really emphasized disabled access in our training.?

These folks get it.

They really get it!