Want Change? Write a Rodent!


My friend Bonnie just got back from Disneyland. She had never been before, and she figured since both her husband and the well known theme park were turning the big 5-0 this year, it was a good time to take the plunge.

All in all she had a good time, but she did have one complaint. “Why do I have to pay the full admission price when I can’t access all of the rides,” she asked. Bonnie uses a power wheelchair and I have to admit she poses a very valid question.

After all, I’ve been in historic homes that charge wheelchair-users half price because their upper floors are only accessible by stairs. So it just seems fair — if you can only access 50% of the rides at a theme park, you should only have to pay half price.

But most historic homes charge under $10, while a one-day admission to Disneyland will set you back a hefty $53. Yikes. Maybe that’s why they don’t give discounts.

Still the whole pricing policy isn’t really fair. Surely Disney must have at least considered a discount for wheelchair-users?

Then again, how do you police such a policy? I mean if all of sudden people found out that wheelchair-users only had to pay $25, I expect that all sorts of folks would be wheeling in the front gate. And I don’t think you should have to produce a doctor’s note just to visit a theme park. Seems like an added (and unnecessary) expense to me.

Still, even if few people did cheat, a discount for wheelchair-users seems like an equitable solution. It could generate a whole lot of good will, and let’s be honest I don’t exactly think Disney is hurting for the bucks.

But it won’t happen without public support. So, drop a note to the mouse and tell him what you think. After all, change has to start somewhere — why not with you?