SCI Life


Have you seen SCI Life lately? This free newspaper is produced by the National Spinal Cord Injury Association and it?s packed full of interesting articles and useful resources.

Now, don?t roll your eyes at me. It?s not one of those boring association newspapers. Far from it. Gary Karp took over the helm about a year ago and he really turned this baby around. So have a look.

And if you need a further incentive to give it a gander, there?s an excellent article about home exchanging in the summer issue. OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I wrote the article, but the subject was Gary?s idea. Plus Gary has made a commitment to try and cover travel in every issue.

So If you are interested in accessible travel ? and you must be if you are reading this blog ? it?s a great place to find first-person travelogues, helpful resources and legislation updates on the subject. Not as good as Emerging Horizons, but hey it makes a darned good supplement!

So check it out soon. Just click on the link in the title bar of this blog to find out more about SCI Life. You?ll be glad you did.