What if Mickey Had a British Accent?


I received an interesting e-mail from Linda last week; in response to my June 16 rant about why Disneyland can’t offer wheelchair-users a discount, since not all of their rides are accessible. Linda visited Disney World last year, and asked them the same question.

“I was told in no uncertain terms that it’s a violation of the ADA for them to do that,” she wrote.

Well that’s a new one on me! Granted it’s a violation of the ADA to charge wheelchair-users more for admission, but there’s nothing in the regulations that prohibits a discount. Especially — and this is worth repeating — since not all of the rides are wheelchair-accessible. Granted there’s not much you can do to make some rides accessible, so it just seems fair to offer wheelchair-users a discount.

But apparently this concept is totally lost on the folks at the mouse trap.

IMHO, the Brits have the right idea. Nearly every UK attraction that charges admission allows a companion free admission, which pretty much results in half-price admission for both people.

Makes me kind of wonder what would happen if Disney expanded to the UK. The Brits are just so logical. And frankly, Disney could use a good dose of that logic!