Balcony Blues


I got an interesting e-mail from a reader yesterday regarding accessible cabins aboard the Carnival Miracle. He pointed out that although that ship has 624 balcony cabins, there is only one with a “truly” accessible balcony.

He discovered that fact in 2004 when he booked what he assumed was an accessible balcony cabin, only to find out 2 weeks before the cruise that getting out to the balcony required stepping over a “large lip.” To Carnival’s credit they allowed him to change his booking without any penalty, however he also had to change his sailing date to 2005 in order to secure that one accessible balcony cabin.

To be honest, I can’t imagine why a cruise line would go to the trouble to make a cabin accessible (which takes up a larger footprint) yet fail to install a simple threshold ramp to allow access to the balcony. After all if you pay a premium price for a balcony cabin, I assume you want to actually use that balcony.

I guess that’s just one more example of why we need more accessible cabins — so people won’t have to postpone a cruise for a year just to enjoy a truly accessible balcony.

Oh and if you’re cruising on the Carnival Miracle, the magic number for the accessible cabin is #6281.

But be sure and book early…very early.