Unexpectedly Accessible in Kansas


Yesterday was a long day.

We spent the morning traveling and visiting a variety of roadside attractions and the afternoon exploring the tallgrass prairie of the Flint Hills. Suffice it to say that we were a little road weary when we rolled into Cottonwood Falls, a tiny little town just south of Strong City. It has a Main Street with a few shops and a cafe; you know your typical midwestern small town. Mom, apple pie and a few cowboys roaming the streets.

We had actually stopped for dinner at the hotel, a historic property with 10 guest rooms. To be honest, I didn’t really have any high hopes for access, because of the size and the nature of the property, but I figured I’d have a chat with the owner anyway.

“Do you have any accessible guest rooms,” I asked. “Yes, of course,” she replied matter-of-factly. I wasn’t expecting that answer at all, and instinctively I thought she misunderstood my question. “I mean a wheelchair-accessible guest room,” I clarified. “Yes, of course,” she replied again. “Would you like to see it?” she added. So of course Charles and I followed her into the bowels of the hotel.

And we found a nicely accessible ground floor accessible guest room with a roll-in shower. This, in a 10-room historic property that was restored in the early 90s.

I really was amazed.

But that’s the reason we go on these road tips to find gems like these. And I’m very pleased at the unexpectedly accessible gems I’m finding in Kansas. It’s turning out to be a really great trip!