North Carolina Resources


Since I’m off to the beach tomorrow, I thought I’d post a few beach resources here. I know it seems a little out of season for beach combing, but I’ve been putting off this trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks for many years. It’s not like I purposely put it off; it’s just that my travel schedule was pretty full.

In any case, I starting researching the area for Emerging Horizons about three years ago. One of the most helpful resources I found was Access North Carolina, an on-line access guide at Access North Carolina. Although some of the resources may be a bit dated by now, it’s certainly a good starting point. The guide is pretty massive so you can download whatever section you need in PDF format.

My favorite section of the access guide is the list of the locations of beach wheelchairs and adapted recreational equipment. Just click on the "coast" section to download it. The list is the result of the Easter Seals Beach Ability project. The premise of the project is pretty simple; the Easter Seals organization bought the beach wheelchairs and adaptive recreational equipment, and then placed that equipment at beaches, firehouses, parks and visitors centers along the coast. The list is pretty much the key to the project, because it tells visitors where they can find those beach wheelchairs, golf carts, adaptive fishing and kayaking equipment and handcycles.

Is the list accurate? Well, that’s one of the reasons I’m heading out to North Carolina — to check my resources. But I’m hopeful. I’ll also be checking out three wheelchair-accessible beach houses, a few accessible boardwalks, an inn or two and a bevy of accessible attractions.

It all looks very promising. Stay tuned for updates.