Off To Mystic


Well, I just did a last minute weather check and it appears that the weather Gods may smile upon me for my trip back to Mystic (as in “usually very cold this time of year”) Connecticut. Those of you who know me, know that I don’t do cold very well at all. That’s why I live in California.

So then why in the heck am I going to back to Mystic in December? Suffice it to say that I just ran out of time this year. I’ve put Mystic on the Emerging Horizons editorial calendar for next year, and if I don’t go now, then I just won’t be able to work it into my schedule.

It should be an interesting trip. Mystic Seaport is of course a historic site, so it’s not completely accessible; however the powers that be have worked hard to inform visitors of the most accessible routes and buildings. Plus, I’ve got a full itinerary of other accessible area attractions, a great inn and several restaurants. As long as it doesn’t snow I’ll be happy. And if it does, I may just spend more time warming myself by the fire.

And who knows I may even stop in at Mystic Pizza.

I wonder if it’s accessible?