Accessible Taxis Coming to the Emerald City


There’s good news on the accessible transportation front — accessible taxis are coming to Seattle this Spring. That’s right, the Emerald City will join New York, San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas in providing truly accessible ground transportation for visitors and locals.

Under this pilot project (which could last up to two years) King County will issue eight temporary taxi licenses and loan out eight low-floor wheelchair-accessible minivans to selected drivers. Fares for the accessible taxis will be the same as those of the non-accessible taxis.

This program is funded by more than $140,000 in state grants.

Granted it’s only a temporary program; but who knows, if public response is positive, they may make it permanent. So if you live in Seattle or have the occasion to visit there, try an accessible taxi and then let the county know what a valuable service they are providing.

If you don’t speak up, this program may just fade away quietly. Don’t let that happen. All it takes is one e-mail, letter or phone call.