Microtel Comes Through Again


Those of you who are regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big Microtel fan. I’m thrilled that the CEO (Michael Levin) has made such an effort to make all of his properties accessible. All Microtel properties are built new (no remodels) and they have about 5 configurations for accessible rooms. Truly if you go to a Microtel, there are no access surprises. And as an added plus, they are easy on the budget.

So, today I got even more good news on the Microtel front. According to a recent press release, "In order to better serve travelers with disabilities, Microtel Inns & Suites, now provides ‘Access Microtel’ pamphlets, ‘Accessible Fitness’ bags and Upper Body Ergometers for guests with special needs."

The Access Microtel pamphlets provide information about the accessibility features available at Microtel properties, while the accessible fitness bags include three-pound hand weights, two types of stretch bands and a pair of handgrips. The accessible fitness bags are available at all Microtel properties that have an on-site fitness center. The Upper Body Ergometer, which is available at all new Microtels which have an on-site fitness center, provides a good upper body cardiovascular workout for travelers who have a mobility disability.

Kudos to Microtel for making their properties (more) accessible to all travelers. Now there’s no excuse to skip that daily workout while you are on the road!!