Let's Hear it for Aruba!


I like Aruba. There, I said it. It’s all rather cathartic.

Unfortunately this island country has gotten a bad rap as of late. It’s a common story. Teen age girl goes off on a party vacation with friends, drinks too much, ends up on the beach with local boy and disappears. Now don’t get me wrong, my sympathies are with the girl’s family, however I don’t think we should boycott a whole country because of this incident.

OK, granted the Aruban authorities probably did not act as quickly as some would have liked, but to be honest if the girl were my family member, nothing would be fast enough for me. The family just wants closure and for whatever reason they just can’t get it. I understand that. Really I do.

But again, I just don’t think boycotting the country is the solution.

On the plus side, Aruba is making positive changes as far as access goes. Yet another reason to plan a visit. A little birdie told me that they are in the works of producing an access guide. This would be a first for any Caribbean nation, and a great resource for wheelers and slow walkers who visit the country.

Additionally a bevy of renovations are in the works, like the $34 million expansion of the Queen Beatrix International Airport, which will include the installation of elevators and other access upgrades.

So in my book, Aruba is not a bad vacation choice. It’s really a beautiful island. Check it out next time you are in the neighborhood.