Off to Potato Land

Well, we are off to Boise in the morning for some editorial research. Why Boise? Well, why not; after all people take vacations every where. I haven’t been to Boise for some nine years so I’m looking forward to this trip. On my last visit I discovered a beautiful greenbelt area and had some great Basque food. And I’m looking forward to repeating both experiences this time.

Of course I’ll also be checking out some accessible lodging options for Emerging Horizons readers. That’s kind of a good-news bad new situation. It’s good news for travelers because it seems that most of the accessible rooms are booked (some hotels even have disabled groups there) so apparently wheelers and slow walkers are visiting Boise. Of course it makes my job a little more difficult when all the rooms are booked, but I’m always happy to work around travelers. After all, that’s what Emerging Horizons is all about — giving people accessible travel options and encouraging them to hit the road.

Hmm… I just had a glance at the weather in Boise. Brrrrr!! I guess I’d better pack my long underwear. OK, time to print my boarding passes and hit the sack. I wonder if I’ll dream about potatoes tonight?