Heads Up on Puerto Rico Vans


I’ve received several e-mails in the past few months from people who want to rent accessible vans in Puerto Rico. In all cases they contacted what they thought was the Wheelchair Getaways franchise in San Juan, only to be told that they do not rent vans but do give island tours in accessible vans. That seemed odd to me, so I went right to the source (corporate HQ at Wheelchair Getaways) and found out that indeed they no longer have a franchise in Puerto Rico.

The misunderstanding stems from the fact that the person who previously operated the Wheelchair Getaways franchise opened a new tour company, but kept the same phone number. Unfortunately that phone number has been listed in many publications (including Emerging Horizons) and subsequently has been added to many resource lists over the years. So when folks dial the old Wheelchair Getaways Puerto Rico number they get the new tour company who does not rent vans.

So, if you have a website or a resource guide, please update it to reflect the fact that Wheelchair Getaways no longer serves Puerto Rico. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other company that rents self-drive accessible vans on the island. That’s unfortunate, because it’s such a fun place to explore on your own.

If anybody knows of a company that does rent accessible vans in Puerto Rico, just drop me e-mail and I’ll pass the word along. Until then, wheelchair-users who can’t transfer to a standard rental vehicle will have to use one of the several adapted tour companies on the island. Hopefully this will change in the future.