Just Horsing Around


A friend just sent me an e-mail about some folks in Northern California that provide accessible horse-drawn carriage rides on some parcels of heritage trust land. The founder of this organization (Access Adventures) is the great grandson of John Muir. He also happens to have MS, but he credits his “working with horses” to keeping him strong.

Anyway, when you have a name like “Muir” it opens a few doors, so he managed to get access to the land in the Muir Heritage Land Trust and the Solano Land Trust. And that’s where he conducts these carriage rides. (also called wagon rides in some of the literature).

Apparently this year he is introducing two accessible carriages to his fleet — well actually a carriage and a trolley. The carriage will be able to accommodate two wheelchair-users and it will have a lift with a capacity of 500 pounds. The trolley will be able to carry up to twelve people, including five wheelchair-users. I’m picturing something like they have up in Stanley Park in Vancouver (which is great).

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of information about the programs this organization provides. Specifically I don’t know how much they cost and if they are available to individuals or only to groups. They are holding an open house next weekend to show off their new accessible carriages, so I may pop on up there (schedule permitting).

I’ll keep you updated.