Ye Olde Crooked Road


Ever here of the Crooked Road? Well you’re not alone. Neither did I until about nine months ago. It’s a heritage route located in Southwest Virginia that includes the major hot spots for old time mountain music, country music and bluegrass. It sounds like a great driving trip and an excellent feature for Emerging Horizons.

Now although some of the Crooked Road is pretty rural, the good thing is that most of the music venues are accessible. Additionally I’ve got some good leads on accessible lodging choices. Once you get out of the main towns, there really aren’t a lot of chain hotels, but I found some cool inns and mountain lodges.

In any case we will be on the road this week, winding our way through the Crooked Road. Hopefully I’ll also pick up a quilt. I found a great one on my trip to Appalachian Kentucky so I’m hopeful for this trip also. In any case I’ll try to check in this week — internet connections permitting — and post an update about my accessible finds.

Gotta run and pack now. Ye olde Crooked Road awaits.