A Little Glass in St. Louis

Those of you that know me know that I?m a huge Chihuly glass fan. OK, so who isn?t now days? But I?ve loved his work for a long time; before it was so cool to love it. I?ve seen some great outdoor installations of his ? at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago ? and I?m looking forward to seeing another this week in St. Louis.

So I?m off to the Gateway City this morning to see the new Chihuly installation at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I?m pretty jazzed about it all, because it?s going to be in the Climatron, and indoor greenhouse type of environment, which is kind of a cool venue. And (from previous visits) I?ve been very impressed by the access throughout the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Of course I?m also going to check out some other sights for an upcoming issue of Emerging Horizons, but I?m really looking forward to Chihuly.