A Shining Example


I get a lot of questions from people in the hospitality industry regarding access. Not just about the codes ? those are easy enough to find ? but about things that they can do to make their properties more appealing to people with disabilities.

Of course the thing at the top of my list is to make access details (and photos) about their properties readily accessible. The internet is a great tool for this, and it doesn?t have to cost an arm and a leg to do it. Some folks have actually followed my advice, but I expect others were just looking to let me know that they had an accessible property so that I might mention it in some way shape or form (I get a lot of that, especially since we don?t accept any advertising in Emerging Horizons.)

But I digress.

Another thing I suggest to folks is to gather up some local access information for their guests. In most cases (honeymooners excepted) people want to do more than just see the inside of their hotel room, so it?s always nice to know what there is to do in the area and how accessible the sights are. Even information about accessible ground transportation is extremely valuable. Sadly I can?t think of anyone who has taken me up on this suggestion.

Then today as I was checking the Emerging Horizons resource links, I saw a new addition to the Villas Don Pepe website? an access guide. So I clicked on the link and downloaded the guide (in PDF). Wow, I?m so impressed. Now granted I can take absolutely no credit for suggesting this to the proprietor, because we have never talked or e-mailed. Still, I think it?s a great resource for his guests, or for anyone who visits Lanzarote and needs access information.

So check it out at www.villasdonpepe.com. And the rest of you proprietors ? consider stepping up to the plate and doing something similar.

Three cheers for Villas Don Pepe!!