Coastal Guide Arrived


I finally got my print copy of Bonnie Lewkowicz?s ?A Wheelchair Riders Guide; San Francisco Bay and the Nearby Coast? this week. I had been making do with the PDF version on the Coastal Conservancy website, but decided I needed to upgrade. Not that it cost me anything ? this great resource is free ? but sometimes I procrastinate better than others.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the title, in the interest of full disclosure, I?ve known and worked with Bonnie for over a decade now and I serve on the Access Northern California Board of Directors with her. So although my review may not be totally unbiased, if I didn?t like the book or thought it was poorly researched I wouldn?t mention it at all, regardless of the friendship. Gladly that?s not the case, as I think the book far surpasses the first edition (penned by another author) in both scope and content.

Bonnie gives readers a good overview of each park or recreation area and then describes the access. She doesn?t just say a trail is ?accessible?, but instead describes the length, grade and surface and includes comments about possible obstacles. I say ?possible? because Bonnie fully recognizes that everyone?s ability is different; and while some folks can wheel over a few bumps others have to turn back.

I was also pleased that Bonnie expanded the scope of this second edition and included a few hostels, a lighthouse or two and even Jack London Square and Fisherman?s Wharf, as well as hundreds of trails and natural areas throughout the Bay Area. Bottom line; it?s very well done and a must-have resource for exploring Northern California!

So call the Coastal Conservancy (510-286-1015) to order your free copy today.

And if you want to see what Bonnie looks like, turn to page 135. She?s the adult on the left.