Cruise Woes


I?ve been getting a lot of mail lately from people who want to cruise. Unfortunately the only thing stopping them is the availability of accessible cabins. The best practice is to book as early as possible; in fact I know folks who grab those accessible cabins the moment they go on sale. But what if you can?t book that early? Then it?s pretty much cross your fingers and hope there is something left when you are able to book.

Of course the problem is complicated when an able-bodied traveler books an accessible cabin and then brags about it on a public message board devoted to accessible cruising. That?s kind of like rubbing salt in the wound.

So then the debate starts. Should able-bodied passengers ever be allowed to book an accessible cabin or should those always be held for disabled passengers? And then of course some folks think that a medical certificate of disability should be required in order to book an accessible room. And some people even suggest charging able-bodied passengers more for the accessible cabins.

Frankly I?m not fond of either of the last two solutions, but I don?t think the cruise lines should hold open the accessible cabins indefinitely either. Able-bodied folks who book accessible cabins are very good at rationalizing things (?well it was available so apparently nobody wants it?); but if they would just take a little time to think things through perhaps they would realize the repercussions of their actions.

In the end, a little good old fashioned consideration would go a long way to solving this problem.