Talking Travel


I discovered a new travel radio show last week quite by accident. To be honest I was interviewed for the show, but after checking out the website it sounded kind of intriguing so I decided to give it a listen.

It?s called the Talking Travel Radio Network (www.ttrn.doc) and it?s heard live on stations in southern Florida on Wednesdays at 11 AM (EST). OK, if you don?t happen to live in southern Florida or you don?t want to be glued to your radio every Wednesday, here?s the cool thing ? you can also listen to the archived broadcasts on-line.

As the name implies, the show is all about travel, but there are a range of guests and travel related topics. This weeks show not only included yours truly, but also a very informative interview with Laurie McConnell of the Boise CVB.

If you haven?t visited Boise, you might want to put it on your calendar, as there?s lots of fun (and accessible) things to do there. We visited a few months ago and just had a blast. And if you are Boise-bound, be sure and check out the Summer 2006 issue of Emerging Horizons for some great sightseeing ideas. Oh and don?t miss the downtown art walk ? it?s lots of fun.

So check out the Talking Travel Radio Network when you have a chance. Host Roy Lowey consistently fills his show with interesting guests. And no, I?m not just saying that because I was a guest!!

Give it a listen. You won?t be disappointed.