Bras No, Gel Cushions Yes!


As the days roll on, the TSA is relaxing their rules a bit on what you can and can?t carry aboard the aircraft. The bad news is, you?ll have to pack those gel-filled bras in your carry-on luggage. It should be further noted that if a gel bra is used for prosthetic purposes it?s allowed, but if it?s used for purely for cosmetic purposes it?s not. The good news? Gel cushions are allowed.

As for other liquids, prescription medications are allowed to be carried on in the prescription container, but only by the person who the prescription is made out to. Up to four ounces of non-prescription medications are also allowed now, which would cover things like KY Jelly.

As for the shoe issue, if you are unable to remove your shoes because of a disability, the TSA cannot compel you to do so. They will however subject you to a secondary search and pat down.

And over in the UK, personal wheelchairs are now allowed past security checkpoints, so travelers can stay in their own wheelchair until the gate of the aircraft.

Although things aren?t exactly back to normal yet, they are on their way. And that?s good news for the traveling public.