I-5 Delay


Although everybody is talking about airport delays these days, people that travel by cars should not become complacent either. Case and point is my most recent travel experience traveling up I-5 from CA to BC. On the first leg of our journey we were making good time and decided to stop about an hour short of our overnight stop, for some gas and liquid refreshments. Reluctantly I also used the restroom facilities. I say reluctantly because to be honest it was more than a little trashy. I didn?t really have to go that much and figured I could wait the extra hour. But that little voice inside of me said ?go while you have the opportunity.? Fortunately I listened to that little voice.

A few miles up the road the traffic stopped and we sat for hours. Turns out there was an officer-involved shooting on I-5 near Salem and they shut down all north bound lanes in order to do a crime scene investigation. In any case, I had everything I needed in my car ? XM radio, a soda, an empty bladder and good company. Some folks were not so lucky.

In the course of the delay we passed up a U-Haul truck (the old kind without air conditioning) stopped by the side of the road. The were a couple of people sitting on the shoulder around an oxygen cannister. It was a warm day, and probably too warm for somebody who uses therapeutic oxygen.

So as we head into this busy Labor Day weekend, my mantra is simple ? plan ahead, even for car trips. Airports are not the only places you will find delays.

As for me, I?m set to explore Vancouver today. I?m staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel, which is located directly over the cruise ship terminal. I have a great view of the harbor and the two cruise ships docked here. If you are cruising from Vancouver, this is the perfect place to stay. All you have to do is take the elevator down to the terminal level and the hotel staff will deliver your luggage to the cruise ship. What could be easier?

OK, time to hit the streets of Vancouver.