Comments From Mr. Pea Brain


Wow, just when I though I?d heard everything, another idiot steps out of the closet. This time Mr. Pea Brain surfaced on a mainstream travel message board. His diatribe was in response to a wheelchair-user asking for help and resources to plan his upcoming trip.

Mr. Pea Brain posted, “I think it’s wrong to expect to be treated the same as an upright person. I think that if you pay more money, sure, you should get extra help and service, but if you pay the same as I do, you should expect the same rights and privileges. Outfitting taxis and planes and cruise ships and whatever else to accommodate special classes of people costs money, and those costs are passed on to us all.”

Apparently he was absent the day they discussed civil rights in school.

Getting past the language (upright?) I think there are some basic flaws in his logic. Taking his argument one step further, you could say that only parents should pay school taxes. But maybe that?s what he thinks too.

But that?s not how it works in our society. We already pay for accommodations for the disabled in transportation, services, curb-cuts and access to public buildings; however it seems that once you bring travel into the equation some people get miffed about providing access because “it costs us all”. So I guess it?s OK to provide med transportation to the doctor but not an accessible taxi ride to the airport?

Of course Mr. Pea Brain does try to redeem himself near the end of the post by saying, “I don’t agree about not letting wheelchairs on planes though. I think old folks paid their dues and ought to travel like the rest of us, even if it increases everyone’s costs and makes it a little more inconvenient to travel.”

Even when he?s trying to be nice, he?s an idiot. Where do these fruitcakes come from?