You Still Have Time


More and more people are taking the time to let the Access Board know what they think about the proposed guidelines for passenger vessels (cruise ships to us civilians). And the good news is, more folks are telling the Access Board that there just aren?t enough accessible cabins on cruise ships. To date, 11 people have told the Access Board we need more accessible cabins.

Rest assured that the cruise lines will chime in just before the deadline with their assertion that there are too many accessible rooms already and the number should be decreased. I even had one cruise ship employee tell me that he thinks the number should be decreased because there are too many disabled people aboard ships as it is, and they don?t move quickly enough on shore excursions and are a danger to other cruisers with their wheelchairs and scooters.

Fact is more, with our aging populating, more and more people are acquiring age-related mobility disabilities. And these people have worked most of their life and have a substantial disposable income. What do they want to do with that income? Travel. So the demand for accessible cabins will only increase in the coming years.

Let your voice be heard. The Access Board listens to real people. If you?ve ever tried to book a cruise and been told that no accessible rooms were available, then let the Access Board know about this. Again, the demand is definitely on the rise.

It?s easy to send in your comments and you have until November 13, 2006.

Comments can be e-mailed to, faxed to (202) 272-0081 or mailed to Office of Technical and Information Services, Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, 1331 F Street NW, suite 1000, Washington, DC 20004-1111. Be sure and include Docket No. 2004-1 in all of your correspondence on this subject. Comments sent by e-mail will be considered only if they contain the full name and address of the sender in the text.