So Where Do they Want Me to Put It?


A recent letter from a reader got me thinking about hotel shower designs. The reader complained that the roll-in shower did not have any shelf or ledge to put the shampoo or even the soap on. Good lord I?ve been there; in fact a few weeks ago my Pantene bottle was rolling around on the shower floor as it didn?t exactly balance on the grab bars. And then there was the time I tried to precariously perch the soap on my shoulder (it seemed like a good idea at the time) because I was tired of chasing it around the shower floor.

Now granted I don?t use a wheelchair, but it?s still a pain for me to use these showers that are not appropriately equipped. And it?s not any easier for folks who transfer to the shower bench. At times I just wonder who designs these things. How hard would it to put in a little shelf? It couldn?t cost that much.

So if any designers happen to read this blog entry — don?t let us go shelfless!

OK, maybe I?ve just had a hard week, but seriously where do they expect me to put my shampoo?

Don?t answer that ? it was a rhetorical question.