The Louvre in Atlanta


I?ve had a great time in Atlanta, but I have to say that my favorite thing so far has been the excellent Louvre exhibit atthe High Museum of Art. This temporary exhibit features drawings,sculptures and paintings from King Louie XIV?s collection at Versailles. I have to say that I have toured the Louvre extensively several times and there are some pieces in this exhibit that were not on display there; in fact according to the program notes, some have not been on display anywhere (since the museum acquired them of course).

One of my favorite pieces was a Raphael drawing entitled ?Head of an Angel in the Expulsion of Heliodoius?. If you?ve visited the Vatican you will recognize this drawing as one of the striking frescoes on the east wall. Additionally there is an excellent collection of a few of Rembrandt?s religious portraitsin the High exhibit.

The current exhibit runs through September 7, 2007; but it will be followed by another Louvre exhibit showcasing some works from the period following the execution of Louie XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Access throughout the museum is excellent and getting there is easy via MARTA, as the train stop is just across the street from the museum.

It?s really a great reason to visit Atlanta.