Accessible Chicago Upgrades

If you haven?t visited the Accessible Chicago website ( lately, then check it out as there have been a few upgrades. I got an e-mail from the owner the other day about the changes, and I have to admit I went there reluctantly. It?s not that I?m not supportive, but sometimes I get these e-mails about ?website upgrades?, yet when I visit the site I only find a different font or color or some other superficial changes.

Not so with Accessible Chicago, as not only have they reorganized the content for easier navigation, but they have also added a blog and a method for users to add their own reviews. It seems to be pretty balanced, and the user-rated reviews are easy to spot. This is somewhat important, as I think it?s very difficult to create a useful access website based entirely on reader reviews, as different users often have different definitions of ?accessible?. I have to say it?s the downfall of a lot of access websites.

In any case, Accessible Chicago seems to have avoided those pitfalls and incorporated user-feedback in a meaningful way. So check it out if the windy city is in your travel plans.