Unexpected Results


Well, it?s been six months since the release of my latest book, There is Room at the Inn; and although the response from the traveling public has been very positive, I have to admit I?ve had somewhat of an unexpected response from innkeepers.

And that?s a very good thing. Surprising, but good.

Of course I?ve had a lot innkeepers contact me to tell me that they are pleased to be included in the book; and even more e-mail me to let me know that their inn is accessible and they?d like to be included in the next edition. Keep those cards and letters coming folks, because there will be a second edition. In fact, I?m in the process of weeding through my leads to determine which properties I will subsequently visit.

But I digress. Those results were pretty much expected. What I didn?t expect was the flood of e-mails from innkeepers and prospective innkeepers telling me they want to make their property accessible and asking for specific advice; be the correct bed height or questions about specific bathroom fixtures. Admittedly I wasn?t much help to them because I?m not a builder or an architect, but the fact that they were asking was great.

The fact that they were asking shows interest; an interest that probably wasn?t there some 10 years ago. And as I said, that?s a very good thing.