Zoo News


There?s good news for visitors to the San Diego Zoo, thanks to a recent settlement between the Zoological Society of San Diego and the Disability Rights Legal Center. Previously, visitors who used power wheelchairs or scooters had to sign a waiver of liability in order to enter the zoo. Under the terms of the settlement agreement , not only will this practice be discontinued but all waivers on file will be voided.

To be fair, the San Diego Zoo is a hilly property, so I expect that was the reason for the required waiver; however I always wondered why they singled out wheelchair-users. I?ve seen some moms with strollers who could have used a few driving lessons too; and I distinctly remember one trying to put her stroller on a moving walkway at the zoo that was clearly labeled ?no strollers?.

But the fact that they got rid of the waivers is a very good things. People felt singled out when they entered, and in this day-and-age of integration, that just shouldn?t happen.

Additionally the zoo will also provide a map containing safety information specific to the use of mobility devices on the unique terrain of the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo?s Wild Animal Park.

I?ve always enjoyed the San Diego Zoo, so I?m really glad to hear they eliminated the old waiver policy. It really was pretty archaic.

So, if you are wondering what to do this weekend, get out and enjoy the beautiful San Diego Zoo.