Common Sense Takes a Vacation


Some folks say I have an active imagination, which in a way is good because after all I?m in a creative field. Unfortunately it can be a double edged sword, because sometimes that imagination gets the best of me, and causes me to ignore that ?common sense? part of my brain. Such was the case last week in New Orleans.

Suffice it to say, my imagination was on overdrive as we had a week full of ghosts. We took the ghost tour, we stayed in a haunted hotel, I heard a lot of things going bump in the night and at one point I even thought Charles was a ghostly apparition. Basically I had ghosts on my brain.

On our last day in the Crescent City, Charles went down to get some shots of the river, while I stayed in the room to work on my editorial. I was all packed; my suitcase was on the bed and my rain coat was in the closet. While I was in the bathroom I heard a lot of commotion out in our room, so much noise that I was sure it had to be Charles. So I called out, ?Honey, is that you?? Suffice it to say that it wasn?t him, and when I came out of the bathroom nobody was there.

Then I looked at the bed and my rain coat was on top of my suitcase. At first I thought I probably forgot that I had put it there, but then I looked up at the open closet and saw the hangers still swinging. At that point I had my own personal melt down and then counted the minutes till Charles returned. But I didn?t tell him of my ghostly experience, at least not right away. I waited till we got to the airport.

Of course his very logical reply was ?Did you call security?? To which I sarcastically answered, ?No, what was I suppose to tell them? That the ghost was in my room?? ?No,? he admonished, ?You should have told them that an intruder was in your room. You never lock the security lock, we had a room next to the stairwell and somebody probably saw me leave the room. Obviously somebody with key card access was in the room and you scared them away.?

Well, duh. He was right. I had completely missed the obvious because of my ghostly obsession. Any other time I would have been on that phone to security immediately.

So I write this entry as a warning to other travelers; not as a warning about ghosts, but as a hotel safety warning. Always lock that security lock because chances are there are more than a few folks with pass keys out there. Be extra careful if you have a room next to a stairwell, as it?s a quick escape route for intruders. And if something goes awry, don?t be afraid to call the desk and ask for security. In the end, that?s the only way to put an end to the problem and to make the hotel safer for other guests.