Ghost Hunting in New Orleans


I’m pleased to say that we’ve had excellent weather here in New Orleans; mild days, clear skies and pleasant evenings — the perfect weather for ghost hunting. And that’s exactly what we did last night, thanks to the good folks at New Orleans Ghost Tours.

At this point I have to interject that there are many evening walking tours of New Orleans, most of them focusing on the haunted aspects of the city; however New Orleans Ghost Tours is the only tour company that advertises any kind of wheelchair access – which seems rather odd to me as they all more or less go along the same routes. Seems like the other companies are missing out on a chunk of the market.

But I digress.

Our New Orleans Ghost Tour began in Flanagan’s Pub in the French Quarter. There is one step up into the pub, but no worries if you want to get a beer before (or during) the tour as the folks at the pub are quite friendly and they will bring your drink out to you. It’s perfectly legal (an in fact encouraged) to sip adult beverages while walking or rolling along city streets. The ticket booth is inside, but again, if you need assistance with your ticket purchase, the folks at the pub are happy to help.

Our tour began promptly at 7, and for the next hour-and-a-half Mike (our ghost guide) gave a very entertaining and engaging account of some of the more “active” (his word for haunted) buildings in the city. A self described “ghost geek and history nerd”, Mike’s narrative was self researched; and truth be told he’s spent a good deal of time researching his ghostly tales.

As far as access goes, Mike was quick to point out that the French Quarter has access obstacles here and there. That said, he’s also accommodated many wheelchair-users on his tours as most of the sidewalks have some sort of curb-cut. The tour is also great for slow walkers and he pretty much sets the pace based on the composition of his group. So if he has a bunch of teen vampire hunters it will be a faster paced tour than if he has some slow walkers in the crowd.

But did we see any ghosts? Well, not exactly although one man in the crowd claimed to have photographed a dismembered arm at one of the sites. He was very adamant about it, but to me it just looked like poor lighting combined with an active imagination. Who knows – he was one of the sober folks on the tour, so maybe he had something there.

No matter, we had a great time and in the end finished off the evening with another pint at the pub. All in all it was a great tour, plus I love to do business with folks who actively find ways to accommodate all folks on their tours. The folks at New Orleans Ghost Tours actually “get it”.