Liberty Godmother Update


Great news ? our very own Vicki Thorp made it into the final 100 candidates for the Godmother of Liberty of the Seas. I say, ?our? Vicki Thorp, but she really doesn?t work for Emerging Horizons. She works for Connie George Travel Associates and she is one of the agents who will be working on the Emerging Horizons Celebration Cruise. So in a way she kind of is ?our? Vicki.

Next, the judges will narrow down the field to 10 candidates, then down to the final three. The public will be able to vote on the final three candidates.

Best of luck to Vicki. It would be great if she were selected Godmother. After all our Emerging Horizons Celebration Cruise is going to be held aboard the Liberty of the Seas, so what could be more fitting?

Keep your fingers crossed for Vicki!