Off to the Big Easy


Well I?m off to the Big Easy in the morning ? one of my favorite cities. I?ve lost track of how many times I?ve visited, but like Chicago, I always find something different to do in New Orleans, no mater how many times I go there.

This time of course I will be doing some editorial research for Emerging Horizons, to see if Hurricane Katrina impacted accessibility to the tourist sections of the city. From what I hear, New Orleans is open for business once again, but when it come to access you always have to double check. Even in my pre-trip research I?ve come across some conflicting information about what is and isn?t open.

Time will tell. But then, that?s why we do this. I?m hoping for the best. After all, the fact that the Statewide Independent Living Councils selected New Orleans as the site of their 2007 conference has got to be a good sign, right? As I said, I?m hoping for the best.

Let the good times roll.