Watch Those Resources!


Although the internet is a great tool for accessible travel research, you really have to be careful about the accuracy of the information on some websites. I was reminded of this fact as I did a little surfing today. I was searching for new resources for the Emerging Horizons on-line database, and I stumbled across one website that on the surface looked OK, but upon deeper inspection contained dated and inaccurate information.

Granted, it didn?t look like it was professionally done, but to be honest that doesn?t really matter, as I?ve gotten some great and very accurate information from personal websites. It did kind of have an institutional feel to it all though ? it seemed to address travelers as patients rather than consumers. But the real tip off was in the content.

It was one of those websites that has lots of phone numbers and very little concrete information. And as I was browsing through the airline phone numbers (several of which were no longer accurate) I came upon listings for Eastern Airlines (ceased operations in 1991), Pan Am (ceased operations in 1998) and TWA (ceased operations in 2001). Bingo! A site that contains obviously outdated information like this is probably filled with other inaccuracies as well. Time to hit the escape button and continue on to greener (and hopefully more accurate) pastures.

So as a new year begins I thought I?d post a reminder to my readers to watch out for those red herrings when you surf. Just because it?s on the internet that doesn?t necessarily mean it?s accurate. Surfer beware!!