Accessible Trams Come to Prague

I?ve visited Prague a few times, and although it?s a beautiful city, I have to say that access is definitely lacking. That?s why I was pleased to hear that there?s a movement afoot to make Prague?s trams more accessible. Traditionally these trams have pretty high steps that preclude any type of wheelchair-access; however the refurbished cars will also include a lower middle door that?s equipped with a ramp. Once the ramp is manually deployed by the driver, wheelchair-users will be able to just roll aboard.

Granted this movement to make the trams accessible is in its very early stages as currently only one tram on the Number 2 route has ramped access; however the goal is to make all of the trams accessible by 2013. In the interim it?s expected to have 10 accessible trams by the end of March.

Three cheers for the Prague Transport Company. This is definitely a step in the right direction!