EH in the News

Well yesterday was quite a busy media day for us.

Bari Brenner featured us in her regular travel column which appeared in the six Bay Area ANG Newspapers. She wrote about Emerging Horizons, my books, my blog, my “Ask the Expert” feature on the Emerging Horizons website and even our Emerging Horizons Celebration Cruise. She also included a number of tips from me about how to find a truly accessible hotel room — one that meets your individual access needs.

We were also featured in an article penned by Darren Green which appeared in the travel section of the Chicago Tribune. He reviewed a number of accessible travel websites including our Emerging Horizons website. He even made mention of this blog, which he described as “the wheelchair-related meanderings of the editor.”

Do I really meander?

In any case if you are looking for some accessible travel resources, give it a read at

Happy reading.