St. John Parking Woes


Don Stone was having a pretty good vacation on St. John; that is until he pulled into an accessible parking place near the ferry dock. A parking enforcement officer pulled in right behind him and handed Mr. Stone a hefty $1000 ticket. You see, Mr. Stone is able-bodied and didn’t have an accessible parking placard.

He however justifies his actions as most folks do and claims that he didn’t really violate the “spirit of the handicapped law.” Yep, it’s that tired old “I was only there for a minute” excuse that we’ve all heard time and time again. He further tried to justify his actions by saying, “The traffic gets very jammed up with people coming in and out, and I realized that here was a spot where I could get out of the traffic and not hold anybody up.”

Well, nobody except somebody who really needed the spot.

He of course expected the officer to cut him a break, again, because he wasn’t really parking, just stopping for a minute.

She didn’t. Way to go girl! Parking violators are not entitled to do-overs.

St. John has such a limited number of accessible parking spaces and the law needs to be enforced. I’m also happy to know there is a $1000 fine, which hopefully will serve as more of a deterrent to the Mr. Stones of the world.

Of course Mr. Stone’s woes didn’t end at the ferry dock. Upon returning his rental car he was required to pay the fine. After all, the car rental agency didn’t want to be on the hook for it.

So let this serve as a warning to all the would-be parking violators on St. John. You will be ticketed and you will have to pay the $1000 fine when you turn in your rental car.

And the way I see it, that’s a very good thing, as it promotes accessibility.