Good News From Down Under


For those of you traveling to Brisbane, things are about to get a little more accessible. The city recently ordered 45 new taxi cabs, 35 of which are wheelchair-accessible. Wow, that?s over 75%; a far cry from the percentage that most US ciites earmark for accessible vehicles. Maybe we could learn something from the Aussies?

Apparently they understand that accessible taxis can also carry able-bodied passengers, when not in use by wheelchair-users. In fact, Acting Transport and Main Roads Minister, John Mickel is quoted in the Brisbane Times as saying, “Of course, wheelchair-accessible taxis can also be used to transport other passengers as well, so this will mean better service for everybody.”

Mr. Mikel gets it. A few US cities could learn from the example Mr. Mikel has set in Brisbane. Take Philadelphia for example; a major metropolitan city that has zero accessible taxis. That?s right folks, nada, none, zilch. Pretty sad.

On the brighter side of things, all the new Brisbane taxis will be in service by the end of the year, with the first ones being delivered sometime in August.

Now that?s progress.