On The Road Again

Well we?re off on another editorial research trip today; this time to explore Arkansas and Southern Missouri. I?m actually pretty excited as my pre-trip research turned up a new accessible condo in Branson — it?s just been completed. The owner is a pretty smart cookie as he built it to be accessible because of the aging Baby Boomer population and the visitor demographics of Branson. I?ve never been to Branson, but I?ve found quite a few interesting things to do, including a nice barrier-free trail. So there?s more to do there besides the shows.

I was also very pleased to find a woman who built an accessible log cabin in Arkansas, that she operates as a B&B. She actually has three cabins, but she built the accessible one last year because her son?s college friend is a wheelchair-user and she wanted him to be able to experience the mountains. It?s nice to know that folks are voluntarily making their accommodations accessible.

It should be an interesting trip. And of course we just can?t leave Arkansas without seeing the Peabody ducks in Little Rock. It just wouldn?t be right — especially for a woman who has a chicken (Agnes) in her bio photo! Anyway, I?m excited about this destination, as I think it has a lot to offer Emerging Horizons readers.