Great New Accessible Lodging Resource

I just got wind of a great new accessible lodging resource ? one that actually has a little meat to it. It?s called Accessible Properties and it?s located at Not only does it have a fairly substantial list of accessible vacation rentals, but it also lists home for sale and long term rentals.

Now I have to tell you that I get a lot of e-mails from listing services who want me to plug their websites because they include ?access? as a search criteria; however Accessible Properties is different. Unlike those other sites that merely say something is accessible, Accessible Properties actually lists useful access information ? such as the availability of a roll-in shower or doorway width, or other key details.

And I can be a pretty tough nut to crack as far as access goes. Not only does the access information have to have a little meat to it, but it also has to be accurate. And I can tell by glancing through the listings on Accessible Properties that it is very accurate. In fact, they included a property that I just visited last month and they presented a very realistic description of the access features.

And last but not least, they also have photos. Not just photos of the dining room or a guest lounging by the pool or of the floral arrangement at the entrance ? but meaningful access shots of things like the accessible entrance or a roll-in shower.

So check out Accessible Properties the next time you?re looking for accessible lodging. The site is growing every day and it?s a great resource. The folks at Accessible Properties really did it right!