Rights of the “Un-Handicapped”


Some people really shouldn?t open their mouth…ever.

Such is the case with Anthony Steen.

It seems Mr. Steen was in a rush at the Newton Abbott railway station, and when he couldn?t find a parking space he pulled into an accessible one. Not only is Mr. Steen able-bodied (except for the dead zone between his ears) but he?s also a Member of Parliament. You know, somebody who should set an example.

Of course when Mr. Steen was given a ticket, he defended his actions and said that there were an ?absurd? number of accessible parking spaces at the station. He also went on to say that the national regulations should be changed to protect the rights of the ?un-handicapped?. Yep that?s right folks, the ?un-handicapped. ? – his word not mine. And he topped it off by saying, ?Of course we want to help the handicapped, and of course they?ve got to be given provisions, but not against the interests of the majority?.

It?s also been reported that the Conservative Party has distanced itself from Mr. Steen?s comments.

Go figure!