LAX, We Have a Problem


I?m used to hearing access-related complaints from travelers; but when the employees start complaining it definitely gets my attention. Such is the case with the employees of the company that provides wheelchair assistance at LAX. To be more specific, Aero Port Services employees claim their employer failed to provide adequate employee training on safe transfer techniques and that they maintain a fleet of dangerously run-down wheelchairs.

They go further to say that this has led to ?eyewitness accounts of three customers being dropped from their wheelchairs in the last 12 months.?


I should of course point out that the company claims these allegations are false and believes this is all part of an elaborate scheme by disgruntled employees to force the small company to unionize.

I have no idea which side is telling the truth, but I expect the real story is somewhere in the middle. It usually is.

Still, be careful when traveling out of LAX, especially if you have to transfer into an airport wheelchair.

Forewarned is forearmed.