Ryanair Up To Old Tricks


Cheapskate Michael O?Leary is up to his old tricks once again, effectively charging disabled people more for their privilege to fly on his sorry excuse for an airline.

Beginning on September 24, 2007, all Ryanair passengers who opt for airport check-in will be subject to 3 euro surcharge per ticket. Currently customers using on-line check-in are charged extra; however that policy will be eliminated when the new airport check-in surcharge goes into effect.

On the surface the policy seems harmless enough; as even some US airlines now charge people extra to make reservations by phone rather than on the internet; however the big problem with this new Ryanair policy is that people with disabilities are prohibited from using on-line check-in. So effectively Ryanair is once again charging disabled passengers more to fly.

If people with disabilities were allowed to use on-line check-in I wouldn?t really have a problem with this new policy. Heck, I wouldn?t even have a problem if disabled passengers weren?t allowed to use on-line check-in, but were exempt from the airport check-in charge.

But that?s not the way Ryanair sees it. In fact they also have somewhat of a backwards boarding policy regarding what they refer to as their “reduced mobility” passengers. Those passengers are actually board last, after general boarding. Great, you get to make a spectacle out of yourself with the aisle chair in front of a whole plane of passengers.

Makes you really want to go out and buy a Ryanair ticket, right?

Not bloody likely!

I will be flying to Ireland from London next year and a friend asked me what airline I was going to use. My reply? “Any one by Ryanair.” And that pretty much sums up my opinion about them

Of course this isn?t the first time Ryanair has openly discriminated against disabled passengers; however the British courts and recent EU regulations made all of their past practices illegal.

So Michael just had to find another way.

The saga continues.