Strange But True


I?m having a hard time digesting the UPI report of Kenneth Davis? recent ordeal at the Orlando airport. Apparently Mr. Davis, who is 72 years old, wasn?t feeling too well after his flight, so he requested wheelchair assistance and was wheeled out to the curb to wait for a taxi.

That was on Monday August 13.

Fast forward to Thursday August 16, when police found Mr. Davis still sitting curbside. He apparently had a stroke at some time during the previous three days. He was transported to the hospital and an investigation is pending.

OK, this raises so many questions. He obviously had the stroke on Monday, because who in their right mind would sit outside the airport for three days? He had to be incapacitated.

And you?re telling me that nobody noticed this man for three whole days?

Not even the police who patrol the airport to make sure people don?t leave their vehicles unattended? These officers are suppose to be trained observers; you know, trained to pick out suspicious people.

Don?t you think it?s a bit suspicious for the same man to be sitting in a wheelchair outside the airport for three days? How can you not notice that on your regular beat?

And what about the shuttle bus and taxi drivers that drove by this man countless times over the three day period? Did they not perhaps think that something was amiss? And what about the passengers? Did they think he was napping?

Hopefully Mr. Davis will be OK, but it kind of makes you wonder about the whole system. After all, how safe are we, if security personnel can?t even detect a man in a wheelchair sitting in the same place for three days?

It?s all rather unsettling.