AirAsia Access Upgrades


Well it looks like things have changed for the better over at AirAsia. As you may recall, this airline was accused of discrimination earlier this year because of their policy that prohibited “totally immobile” passengers from traveling unaccompanied.

After some heated protests and a lot of bad ink, the airline purchased some equipment to make travel on AirAsia more accessible.

Last month AirAsia announced that they will be purchasing two ambulifts, which will be used to transport disabled passengers to the aircraft from the tarmac. Previously, passengers had to be hand-carried aboard. One lift will be located in Kuala Lumpur and another in Kota Kinabalu.

Additionally, disabled passengers can now book their flights directly on the AirAsia website, a practice that was previously prohibited by the airline.

The airline also expects to purchase some aisle chairs in the near future.

The downside is that the bathrooms on the AirAsia fleet are not accessible; so long distance flights are not a possibility if you can?t get to the bathroom under your own power and use a standard airline lavatory.

Still, the equipment upgrades are good news.

I always like to hear about access improvements.